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Stanley Tookie Williams and Reymond Washington formed the crips.  The two men grew tired of all the violence that was going on in their neighborhood.  Before being known as the crips, they were known as the piru crib gang, but eventually ended up dropping the piru because of the piru bloods.  They turned the “b” into a “p” to show the bloods going down.  Crip sets (a subgroup of a bigger gang) may include LA’s Rollin 60’s Crips, Grape Street Crips, Insane Crips, 5deuce and South Side Compton Crips.   A member of the crips came up with the popular dance, the crip-walk.  They are known for wearing the color blue, and are represented by a six-point star, standing for love, unity, money, loyalty, wisdom, and understanding.  They refer to bloods as slobs to show disrespect.  Crips dress to the left including:  wearing a blue bandana or “flag” in the left pocket, wearing earrings only in the left ear, and wearing hats tilted to the left side.  The crips are not as profound with language as the bloods.

Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens formed the bloods in the 1960’s to go against the crips.  It began after a gang known as the pirus had a confrontation with the crips.  The crips out numbered the pirus and had a flawless victory.  The pirus wanted to come up with a way to stop the crips from over powering, so they called a meeting with the Lueders Park Hustlers, the L.A Brims, the Denver Lanes, and the Bishops.  The groups decided to begin a rival gang with an opposite color, so they started wearing red and became known as the bloods.  A few known blood sets include:  9trey, GKB, Eastside, Crip Killers, Pirus, and Bounty Hunters.  Bloods are represented by a five-point star, which stands for love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.  They refer to each other as “dawg,” or “homie” (“Gangs in schools”).  Bloods dress to the right wearing a red bandana or “flag” on the right side of the body, such as wearing it in their right pocket, and around the ankle or wrist.  They wear mostly red clothing; if they wear blue they will put a band-aid or a safety pin on the right side of the blue clothing.  They refer to the crips as “crabs” to show disrespect.  Bloods will not write the letter “c” or say words that begin with this letter, they will instead use the letter “b” to replace the “c.”  Bloods use a common phrase “five popping, six dropping,” which means bloods ruling, and crips losing.  Blood stands for “Black Liberation Organization of Defense” (“Gangs in School”).  The most popular rival gang of the bloods is the crips.  They also have problems with the folks (whom they consider “donuts”), who have an alliance with the crips.